About Us

Based in Hong Kong, Vertika makes digital marketing communication products. Vertika was started by Azhar Rafee in 2009.


Our Mission: Tool Marketers with simple yet highly functional digital capabilities to “get audience attention".

Vertika products give our customers speed, flexibility, and scale in their marketing and communication functions, while saving on costs. Our flagship product, Vertika VMX Platform, is a web-based service that helps companies design engaging TV-like channels to program and deliver marketing, information, education to their customers and staff. Vertika clients come from a diverse industry-set, including Banking, Education, Healthcare, Media, Travel & Leisure, Real Estate, and Retail.

Vertika is led by a management team with global experience in media and publishing, marketing and PR, branding, design, and consumer technologies. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with presence in Dubai, Karachi, Milan, Mumbai, and New York.